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London United

London United Basketball Club in conjunction with Harefield Academy is a proud organiser of Future Stars.

Basketball is a rapidly growing sport in the UK, and the Future Stars International Junior Basketball Tournament and Coaching Conference provides an exceptional opportunity for English basketball players and coaches alike to experience the depth and breadth of European basketball on their own soil.

We strongly believe that we have created a platform for the most talented, young English players to compare their skills and talents against top level international opposition. The opportunity to see the most talented international young players and hear from high profile European coaches on regular basis is one of the most important factors in allowing the English game to fully join the European scene.

London United is very proud of their partnership with Harefield Academy, which is a Sports Specialist Academy with 250 gifted and talented athletes and 20 international athletes. The partnership between London United and Harefield Academy provides young aspiring basketball players the opportunity to continue to develop to an elite level alongside their chosen academic studies.

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