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Community Event


The mass participation and community events demonstrate the ethos of Future Stars in developing basketball from grassroots to the elite.

These events not only provide an opportunity for young aspiring players to take part but also showcase elite performance in exciting spectator fuelled events.



Community Event 3Future Stars 2011 London provided the opportunity for young aspiring local basketball players to actively participate in the Future Stars weekend. To capture the expertise of the top International coaches form across Europe who brought heir National teams to participate in the Future Stars International Tournament, training and coaching sessions were provided for local youngsters. These training sessions were led by the National coaches with a proven track record across Europe providing the local youngsters with the opportunity to benefit from the high level quality coaching that lies ahead of hem as potential future stars.



Community EventFuture Stars 2010 London saw the introduction of mass participation events to compliment the International Tournament and Coaching conference. The Loul Deng Foundation ran a Children's camp which was the opportunity for aspiring young players to receive coaching from a celebrity NBA player.

Future Stars Poland 2010 was designed with the idea in mind that all people involved in the sport of basketball could find a form of active participation. To ensure that another NBA player Marcin Gortat ran a Camp which attracted 150 children and young people. There was also a 3x3 Streetball Competition open to over 100 teams and, for more traditionally minded players, there was an Amateur League Championship of 24 teams. A Slam Dunk competition was also staged to please he crowds. These events were staged on a specially constructed professional quality outdoor court with seating and roof in a major tourist hotpsot in Krakow, attracting massive media attention including National TV coverage.


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